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Personal Risk Management Advisor

Since your day to day business takes you away from the trading screen and into the field, your personal advisor can be your eyes and ears to the markets. They will keep you informed on important market information and provide personalized recommendations tailored to your specific needs and comfort level.

Personalized Risk Management

We recognize no two operations are the same, which is why we strive to create customized strategies and plans based upon the specific needs of your operation and comfort level. Whether we are utilizing futures, options, HTA’s, or cash and basis contracts, we tailor our risk management efforts to your individual situation.

Automated Technology

To deliver important information quickly and efficiently through text and voicemail. 
Clients will receive:

  • Specific target alerts for crop marketing strategies
  • USDA & Private reports
  • Localized basis trends and recommendations
  • Input recommendations

Cash Sales Execution

Your personal advisor can make cash sales for you to remove the stress and emotion from marketing your grain and streamline sales to make sure you don’t miss selling opportunities.

Basis Management

We work together with our customer base to look for bushel bundling opportunities in order to get a better bid than what is posted. We also have fostered relationships with many grain buyers and cross-country grain traders for direct ship opportunities. Using our combined experience, we use freight spreads to calculate what your best delivery point is to make sure you are being paid the most for your grain and your time. Lastly, FuturesOne manages all types of flexible contracts in order to take advantage of seasonality and market trends.

Farm Marketing Platform

Manage your whole operation through our personalized farm marketing platform. Track Breakevens, Storage, Cash sales, Trades, and the profitability of your operation with our user friendly software.


Personal Brokerage Advisor

Your personal advisor will discuss trade strategies, execute trades, and keep you informed on your open positions

Cost Effective Trading Fees

Our cost effective trading fees allow you to manage your risk without the unnecessary cost.

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