Just enter the appropriate values in the boxes below to estimate the field profit. Don’t enter
commas or dollar signs. For example, “1200.00” would be correct, while “$1,200.00” would not.
An example for each section is given.

General Inputs:
Acres: $
Expected Yield: Bu
Expected Board Price: $
Expected Basis: $
Expected Price: $
When you are finished, click the Calculate button to see your results.
Per-acre cost inputs:
Seed: $
Fertilizer: $
Herb/Insecticide: $
Insurance: $
Irrigation: $
Land: $
Machinery: $
Interest: $
Misc. Costs: $
Storage (Per Bushel): $
Your results:
Total Cost: $
Breakeven Per Bushel: $
Per Bushel Profit: $
Per Acre Profit: $
Expected Field Profit: $